Director’s Statement

While questioning why and how 80% of us live paycheck-to-paycheck, this film calls to action what an average person can do to bring solutions. From the lenses of our key characters–real, normal persons– something familiar can connect us in our shared daily lives and struggles. From that, we begin…

Wendy & Ronda (Albuquerque, NM)

Wendy and Ronda are two hardworking women who fight every day to stay in business doing what they love. After leaving the comfort of corporate jobs, the two best friends opened their own salon to pursue their passion as hairdressers. Together they have experienced loss, a changing neighborhood, and multiple break-ins. However, through each trying moment, they have remained dedicated, positive, and loving.

Andreanecia M. Morris (New Orleans, LA)

Andreanecia is dedicated above and beyond to creating a more equitable New Orleans. As the executive director for HousingNOLA, she states their mission is simple, ” We believe New Orleans can and must provide high-quality, safe and accessible housing that is affordable to individuals and families of all income levels throughout New Orleans.”

Being Nobody and One Paycheck Away

There’s a collective sense that we are just not ok. Our
stability is, at best, unstable. The unease is just not purely financial but
reach deep into our collective psyche and connections as humanity. AND many
acknowledge that no hero is going to come to “save” us.

So, the call to action is ours. Individually and
collectively…AND it won’t be easy.